Services offered

Panther XTP

With three ROV systems and a pair of side scan sonars we are well equipped to handle a wide range of mission types.

The following are examples of services that we offer. Feel free to contact us if you have an inquiry about a mission not included in the list.

  • Pipeline trenching support
  • Flexible flow line installation and removal of old unit
  • Subsea cable touch down monitoring
  • Wreck inspections
  • Cable route ROV survey work, using full survey equipment such as dual multibeam echosounders, gyro, doppler, pipetracker, etc.
  • Pipeline depth of burial ROV survey
  • Power and fiber optic cable depth of burial surveys
  • Power cable cutting and installation lifting equipment for recovery of damaged part to cable ship
  • Uxo ROV survey
  • Search and recovery with sonar and ROV
  • Subsea tunnel excavation using a ROV carried dock/undockable pump skid.

Sonar Services

We offer search and location, as well as charting services with our sonar equipment. This can be standalone or in combination with our ROV systems for e.g., recovery of a located item.

Sonar image of the sunken vessel SS Dorita

We have the following equipment to assist in sonar projects:

  • Dual Klein 3000 side scan sonar, one 3000 H (500/900kHz towfish) and standard 3000 (100/500kHz towfish) for longer range.
  • Side scan sonar winch with steel armoured cable.
  • Navipac pro survey software for integrating vessel/towfish/ROV positioning.
  • USBL with 3 transponders, in addtion to over the side pole with deck plate for hydrophone installation on a vessel.

In-shore services

For local survey work we have a road transportable survey boat on a triple axle aluminium trailer and Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup truck.

The boat can accomodate the Falcon DR system as well as a Klein 3000 side scan sonar system for sea floor surveys. The Klein side scan sonar winch have 200 m of steel armoured umbilical.

Survey boat Falcon DR on Survey boat