Previous projects

Over our 30+ years of sub sea operations we have completed a variety of different missions.
Sea Eye Panther XTP in LARS
  • HVDC cable route survey Denmark to UK, with ROV using dual Resson 7125 MBES and TSS 440 pipetracker for location of pipelines and cables crossing the proposed route.
  • Salvage of exercise missiles.
  • Removal of old communication cables involving cutting of 20+ cables.
  • Wreck inspection of M/S Estonia, ROV completed 30 cross section inspection scans of the vessel. ROV also assisted the positioning for the CPT rig. Work was carried out from the drill ship Bucentaur.
  • Wreck inspection of the sunken dredger, Chicago, sunk 50 nautical miles off Esberg, after completing work for the Swedish-Danish bridge consortium.
  • Wreck inspection of fishing trawler Novi in 300 m depth, sunk with all hands off Väderöarna.
  • Pipeline and cable depth of burial surveys for a total distance of more than 1000 km using TSS 440/350.
  • Backup for work class ROVs involved in threnching/flex flow lines installation curlew for CTC. We assisted in the recovery of 2 work class ROVs and completed missions with the Surveyor Plus ROV and manipulator skid.
Sea Eye Surveyor Plus Sea Eye Panther XTP in LARS
  • Uxo survey of targets along a proposed cable route from Finland-Estonia. 1200 potential uxo targets were examined during a 3 week project.
  • Power cable ROV survey of uxo/debris along the proposed route between Sweden and Germany.
  • ROV survey of start to end of cables in free span crossing Nordstream pipeline route from Finland to Germany.
  • UXO survey and inspection by ROV of 100+ mine like targets on a proposed cable route between Finland and Germany.
  • Various projects on power cables with ABB as main contractor.
  • Two consecutive years we have performed the near shore ROV survey on the Nordstream pipelines.