Sea Eye Panther XTP - Flagship system

Our flagship system, the Panther XTP, is our strongest and most versatile ROV. It is very extensively kitted and comes with a TMS and LARS with a maximum working depth of 1000 m.
Panther XTP
It can be outfitted with the following auxiliary equipment:
  • Dual Manipulators: Schillion Orion 7P | Hydrolek RHD 5
  • 165 mm rotary cutter
  • 5 kW hydraulic power pack
  • 8 bar 200L/min jetting pump
  • 3 inch venturi suction pump
  • Multibeam bracket for dual reson MBES
  • Ready for connection of MBES with bulkheads and power supply
  • Survey sled to facilitate installation of pipetracker pods, Octans Gyro and Doppler
  • Dual 3 G HD-SDI video lines with one HD camera installed with zoom/focus
  • Kongsberg colour zoom focus camera and fixed focus colour/B&W on pan/tilt
  • Hydrophone
  • 24 M digital still camera
  • Survey skid for raising the rov by 300mm
  • Dual 20 ft safe area containers
  • 100 KVA caterpillar genset

Sea Eye Surveyor Plus

Our trusted workhorse. With our Surveyor Plus ROV system we have completed numerous missions. It is rated for depths up to 600 m.
Sea Eye Surveyor Plus
It can be outfitted with the following auxiliary equipment:
  • Dual manipulator capability, with one hd 5 arm installed on manipulator skid
  • Dual independent hydr circuits
  • Webtool HVC 100 armoured cable cutter with dedicated hydraulic circuit and custom made buoyancy package
  • Pipetracker/cable tracker ready
  • Mesotech scanning sonar
  • One 20 ft safe area ops container
  • Stainless steel hydraulic umbilical winch, hydraulic lock latch for ROV

Sea Eye Falcon DR

Our smallest and lightest system. Our Falcon DR system is very suitable for missions where its smaller form factor and footprint is utilized.
Falcon DR
It can be outfitted with the following auxiliary equipment:
  • Three standard video cameras
  • HD or 4K digital still/video with internal recording to SSD hard drive
  • One function grip stick
  • Custom made 1000 m rated buoyancy package for enhanced payload
  • Skid with with dual LED lights
  • Electric stainless steel winch with remote. 1200m of tether on drum with secondary 300 m umbilical available
  • Pulse detection rov metal detector
  • Dual 10 ft containers